Testimonials, satisfied patients who have been treated well by Mr Horwitz and who have written letters of thanks.

Here are a few recent (anonymous) testimonials from Mr Horwitz's patients and colleagues:

Thank you sir for your attention and prompt action. My wife and father-in-law spoke highly of you both for your concern and attention given to my son K.
If he ever plays professional basketball you will surely be partners with that hand
My family & wife and I will be for ever grateful to you both.
GOD bless you all
Dear Karen
Could you thank Mr Horwitz on my behalf for the op performed last Tuesday. It all looks very neat and my hand is soon going to wake up; having been asleep for hundred days & years like Sleeping Beauty.
The hand physio gave me excellent treatment today too.
Thank you
I’d like to thank Mr Horwitz for his diagnosis and recommendation for physiotherapy, which I have already started. I found him to be professional, friendly and reassuring, and would very happily recommend him to anyone with a hand-related injury.
I have been under the care of Mr Horwitz to surgically manage implant/tendon complications following emergency ORIF surgery that I received in France to treat distal radial and ulna fractures of my right forearm after a fall last September........
........ I still have more work to do with the physios, but just in advance seeing him next week I thought he would be pleased to see the below clip/photos- doing the 2 things I love most again today - surgery (as a vet) and piano playing. I remain forever in his debt, and am eternally grateful for his expertise, the support of his hand team, and to yourself for your prompt action and understanding in organising emergency appointments for me over the phone, both whilst I was travelling back from France, and when I developed further complications when Mr Horwitz was away. I am so truly grateful to you all for giving me my hand function back.
— FS Hertfordshire
 I am back at work as a vetinary surgeon - thank you!

I am back at work as a vetinary surgeon - thank you!

....i broke my wrist in a bike accident last year.... the flexibility in my wrist has come back nearly 100%. I managed to go through an entire 90 minute advanced yoga class the other day and didnt feel uncomftable once. This is all down to the incredible service, expertise and support i received from Mr Horwitz and my brilliant physiotherapist. Thanks so much ...
Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I would also like to thank you for being such a decent guy; you treated me like an actual person AND gave me the use of my right hand again. Your care and kindness was appreciated so much...
.... The comment about press ups in my most recent clinic letter really got me motivated so please see the attached clip!!
I am most grateful for your handiwork Max.
Thank you so much ...
I would be most honoured to have my video on your website to show people how well you can do if you do your exercises.
 Ethan 3 months after wrist reconstruction following a delayed presentation of a perilunate dislocation (dislocated wrist).

Ethan 3 months after wrist reconstruction following a delayed presentation of a perilunate dislocation (dislocated wrist).

Thank you to you (Karen) and Mr Horwitz for your exemplary teamwork in looking after XX both clinically and administratively - it has made it all so easy. XX absolutely loved Max......
family testimonial.jpg
We just want to thank you so much for being so kind to us and looking after XX with such care. Your attention to detail, your empathy and ability to communicate with us the parent, with the staff as well as the child so brilliantly made the whole experience totally traumaless.
Thank you so much. We hope we never have to need your expertise again, but if there was a next time; there would be no hesitation to trekking half way across London again.
Have a lovely summer break,
Warm regards ....
Dear Mr Horwitz
I am so thrilled that I am able to hand write this letter to thank you so very much for making this possible.... you have given me a gift. I appreciate all you have done - you have enabled me to have a normal life.
Hi Maxim,
Thanks for your letter of congratulations which was lovely to receive! We were happy to go home with our medal and felt that we performed to the best of our ability. Thanks for seeing me urgently before the Games and all your help and patience. It was a pretty stressful time for me!
We absolutely LOVED our time in London and the whole Olympics for us was an incredible experience from the actual competing, to the volunteers, to the closing ceremony we enjoyed all of it. Thanks again!
— International Athlete, Olympic Games London 2012
Thank you both again for the treatment and follow up physiotherapy. Very efficient process and collaboration. Playing tennis again so all good.
Thank you so much for taking such terrific care of XX. Even though it was such a hard time you made it much easier for us as you were so reassuring and caring. Thank you so much, All the best .....
Thank you, Thank you and Thank you again for showing such a caring and can do attitude to my mother recently when she fell and hurt her hand and wrist. A* service from start to finish, I will certainly recommend you to my friends.
... Just a brief note to say thank you very much for operating on my wrist and after care.
I was in shock after my fall in India and fracturing my wrist. When we first met you were reassuring, kind and professional. You took the time to explain and informed me that my wrist will never be as before (as it was broken in a million pieces!!) - 50% would be a good result. Even with this odds, i felt safe and reassured that you will be doing the best for me before going into the operating theatre.
Once again many thanks .....
Thank you and Mr Khoo for excellent attention yesterday. Ganglion site much reduced and comfortable.
I have been today to see my doctor in Madrid following the hand surgery i had last week..... I take the chance to thank you for looking after me so well and also thank you on behalf of Dr XX for the very detailed information you have provided on my discharge report.
Kind regards...
Dear Mr Horwitz,
I just wanted to say a big thank you and let you know that as both myself and XXC were successful at getting ST3 orthopaedic numbers in London on our first attempts this year. You have a 100% success rate as a clinical supervisor!
Many thanks again for your advice and help last year....